When Closing On a New Home... Don't Forget


Purchaser(s) and Seller(s) should communicate regarding a moving date and call the utility companies a few days before moving to avoid any interruption in service. Do net request a "shut off". Request a change in the name of the resident being billed.

Mail Service

Notify the Post Office and all correspondents of your change of address. The Post Office should provide an address change kit to assist you.

Door Locks

We recommend new owners change the locks on all outside doors. It may be more cost effective to bring the locks to your local locksmith and have the tumblers changed and rekeyed.

Driver's License

You may want to change the address on your driver's license by visiting the Bureau of Motor Vehicles office. At the same time you can obtain a new voter's registration card.


Like taxes, water services are billed directly to the property. Final water bills/readings are often settled at closing and the new owner usually needs to do nothing. However, some municipalities will only issue a bill to the resident. In this case, send the bill to whoever holds the water escrow and they will prorate and disburse the funds accordingly.


Upon vacating the property, the seller(s) may either surrender the keys to their broker's office or exchange the keys between themselves. In the event the keys are turned into the listing broker's office, the listing broker will notify either the selling agent or the purchaser to retrieve them. If the keys are exchanged directly between the parties, a key release form must be signed and returned to the Title Company so that funds may be disbursed for any occupancy charges.