Closing Preparation

Locking In Your Interest Rate

Now that we have a clear approval from our underwriter and a closing has been scheduled, we will lock in your loan if the interest rate is not yet locked in.

Do We Have Your Homeowner's Insurance Information?

By this time we should have your insurance agent's name, phone number, and your annual premium in order for us to prepare your closing documents.

Pre-Closing Package

To fully prepare you for your closing, 24-48 hours before your closing, we will schedule an appointment for you to come in and review each and every mortgage document that you will be required to sign at your closing. The processor or loan officer will review your documents with you so you understand every single aspect of your mortgage, all of your costs, your rate and payment and the amount of money you need for your closing, if any. This ensures that you are 100% comfortable when you walk into the closing and you will be confident signing your documents.

Bringing Funds To Close:

If you are required to bring money to your closing, the funds must be in the form of a certified or cashiers check. The check must be made out to the Title Company where you are closing.

You Must Prove That...

You Are You! At each and every closing, each borrower is required to prove their identity with a valid Driver's License or State Identification card.