What To Expect After Your Loan Has Closed

Temporary Payment Coupons

You will be given temporary payment coupons at your closing or you will receive some in the mail shortly after you close. If you do not receive temporary payment coupons, please call us before your first house payment is due.

Your New Mortgage Servicing

Shortly after you close, you may receive notification that your mortgage has been sold. We want to help you. If things do not go smoothly, or if you do not receive your new payment coupons on time for your new service, please call us right away. We will be glad to help.

Title Policy, Original Deed

Weeks after you close, you will receive an original title policy and the original deed to your home. The deed will have been recorded in the county records. Both of these documents should be put in a safe place, such as a safe deposit box.

You Are Not Finished With Us!

Don't think you're done with us that easily. Now that you have closed on your transaction, we have you in our client database and will be keeping you updated on all kinds of personal, business, mortgage, or any other information we think may be of interest or help to you. There is even a pocket in the back of this book for you to keep the letters.

We look forward to a lifetime of serving your needs and building our friendship.