95 Things That Can Go Wrong Between Application and Closing

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  1. All of Indiana has a power outage.
  2. The Title Company's closer is having a bad hair day.
  3. Somebody's mom somewhere is sick.
  4. The student loan you never actually repaid actually has to be paid in full right now.
  5. We sent the papers to the wrong address.
  6. You don't qualify for the loan you want, and you don't like the loan you qualify for.
  7. The Title Company forgot to call us to confirm a closing date.
  8. Our computers are down.
  9. Your divorce isn't final.
  10. Your divorce is final, but your ex is being a jerk.
  11. Your new job has a 90-day probationary period.
  12. Someone in your family said you shouldn't have to do something we ask of you because they didn't have to do it when they got their mortgage.
  1. You can't decide which insurance company to buy your homeowner's insurance from.
  2. You ignored my instructions on handling the documentation of your gift money.
  3. The seller is being a butt head.
  4. You thought rates would go down, they actually went up and now you don't qualify for the same mortgage amount.
  5. You know you have enough money to close, but we can't properly document that you have enough money to close.
  6. Your Realtor scheduled a closing when you weren't approved yet.
  7. You never got my fax and I never got yours.
  8. You want to close on the 31st and today is the 30th.
  9. You have buyers' remorse.
  10. The seller has sellers' remorse.
  11. The seller went on vacation and forgot to tell us.
  12. Your spouse decides that he or she really doesn't like the house much after all.
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